We Want To Buy Your Supermarket and Convert It To a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn



Sell your supermarket to us and allow us to give back to the community that has supported your business through the course of its progress and growth. If we can make a deal, we want your permission to launch a crowdfunding campaign to the local community members, as our model is based around community benefit and ownership.

Note: All current employees will remain in place as long as they are performing their job duties to standard.

Community Benefits:

Access to affordable Natural and Organic Meats and produce


1st-time homeowner down payment grants, once a year we intend to give an eligible family in the community a Home Down Payment Grant.

Community Co-operative Ownership: we will offer ownership shares to the residents of the community that the Healthy Boost Bargain Barn is located in.

Nutritional Education: each location will have a nutrition assistance desk, with a licensed nutritionist answering questions and suggesting foods to assist with elements like diabetes and high blood pressure

 Your last act as the owner of your establishment would be recognized as giving back to the community. 

We have several different options to purchase your business:

Our team will work with you to figure out the deal that works for you, so you can move on to the next stage in your business and enjoy the cash out from the business you worked so hard to build up.

If you are interested in selling a supermarket to us click the button below to get started