You have been invited to join a growing initiative. You have the opportunity to produce a residual income while also doing good for communities

As a Regional  Sales Manager, you will be responsible for coordinating Equity Crowdfunding
Campaign street teams who will be raising capital from the community, for each supermarket

Regional Sales Manager Opportunity

To understand the position of the Regional Sales Manager, you should first read about the Healthy Boost Bargain Barn initiative

About Healthy Boost

Healthy Boost is a well-known juice bar company that is launching an initiative to bring affordable natural and organic meats and produce to urban areas. Covid has exposed the unequal health conditions in our inner-city environments, which is largely due to the lack of healthy eating options and Healthy Boost aims to fix this divide.

We are launching a nationwide Supermarket Acquisition campaign to convert privately owned supermarkets to Healthy Boost Bargain Barn. The co-operative purchasing power will be able to compete in pricing with big box stores like Walmart and Kroger and pass these savings onto inner-city communities.

Community Benefits:

Access to affordable, Natural, and Organic Meats and produce.


1st-time homeowner down payment grants: once a year we intend to give an eligible family in the community a Home Down Payment Grant.

Community Co-operative Ownership: we will offer ownership shares to the residents of the community that the Healthy Boost Bargain Barn is located in.

Nutritional Education: each location will have a nutritional assistance desk with a licensed nutritionist to answer questions and suggest foods to assist with ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Understanding Your Regional  Sales Manager Duties.

Essential Job Functions

Your Financial Benefit

We have created a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn Partnership Model. In order for you to successfully promote Healthy Boost Bargain Barn Partnership Opportunities YOU MUST BECOME A PARTNER YOURSELF,  which means you would get up to 20% of a Bargain Barn for just covering the partnership fee not the development cost, the development cost will be raised via community crowdfunding. (Loans are available for the partnership fee)  Bargain Barns are expected to yield $250,000 to $420,000 or more a year. To learn more about becoming a partner please visit the following link.

You will also receive 3% equity of every other Healthy Boost Bargain Barn Franchise developed in your Region.

Bargain Barn Cash Flow Example: Average Yearly Net Income- $350,000 3% Equity= $10,500 Multiply by 12 which will be the average RSM coverage amount= $126,000 You would receive $126,000 plus 20%  or more of the yearly net income of your own Bargain Barn Franchise

Next Steps

Common Questions & Answers

Immediately after your onboarding you will be assigned an area development management and commence with the business of acquisition, sourcing, and/or locating optimal locations for build-outs, lease negotiations, inventory logistics, and a number of over tasks that have to be accomplished in order to develop a region.

You will start to make money after the grand openings of the Flagship locations that we will immediately launch in your region

Your social security number is required so we can perform a soft credit pull to see if we can pre-qualify you for a full or partial franchise loan.

Yes, you can purchase the rights to more locations although we won’t allow any Regional Sales Manager to manage more than 20 locations.
We are looking for you to have at least 5 years of managerial experience in some capacity. You need to have firing and hiring experience. You need to be assertive and a person who can get the job done.

You don’t need to have supermarket management experience for this opportunity
Your day-to-day obligations will be scheduled around your availability, days off and weekends to meet with outside sales representatives as well as other appointments for the furtherance of developing Bargain Barns in your region.
Your region will be local to you, you will pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd option and you will be granted the available option.
You can have a financial partner, the partnership will be between you and your partner. This means the partner can not handle any Healthy Boost Bargain Barn business on your behalf.
You will have pop visits at designated locations 2- 3 times a month to ensure brand standards are being upheld. You will be called on for any administrative presence needed at the supermarket for any situation.
No, you don’t hire anyone yourself, outside sales representatives will be vetted and hired by the administration.
Your felony can not be related to any crime involving securities or fraud.
Yes, you will be sent the full-length business plan after you have been fully vetted and an NDA is signed.

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Please watch the following two videos to understand the Healthy Boost Bargain Barn Initiative and Also understand the role of a Regional Sales Manager

The investment requirement in this video is no longer required, we will work with you to become a partial or full Healthy Boost Bargain Barn Franchisee in order to become a Regional Sales Manager