Healthy Boost Community Values and
Corporate Social Responsibility

Crowdfunding / Partnership

Healthy Boost’s entire business model revolves around giving back to its loyal customers and communities. All Healthy Boost locations will be funded by a unique process involving both partnership and crowdfunding.  This technique was implemented due to its highly positive effects on communities and its rapid growth potential. Community members will have the opportunity to purchase a stake in all Healthy Boost locations through the use of crowdfunding.

This enables the company to give a portion of its proceeds back to communities in very direct ways. With community members owning a portion of Healthy Boost’s locations the company will easily be able to reflect and embody each community’s individual values. Additionally, through the use of partnership, community members will be able to purchase operational control of an individual store. Not only will this strategy enable Healthy Boost to open up over 150 locations over the next two years, but each partnership will be better able to reflect community values.

Our modest goal is to launch with 100 corporate and partnership locations nationwide in order to be able to compete in pricing with Big box stores 

Partner Responsibilities

Healthy Boost Inc. Responsibilities

Partnership Fee

The partnership is responsible for providing the initial partnership fee of $30,000-$50,000 depending on the size of the Bargain Barn and has the option to provide a portion of the development costs of the business. Due to their decision-making expertise and large amounts of sweat equity the partnership will receive 10% of the revenue for providing the $30,000-$50,000 partnership fee. Additionally, they will receive a larger portion of the revenue if they fund a portion of the development costs.

Development Cost

The estimated opening costs for the initial setting up and first three months of operation for a new Healthy Boost Bargain Barn ranges between $383,500 and $2,620,800 (excluding the purchase of real estate/land).

The estimate in the chart below comes from the construction and stocking estimates of a minimum 6000 sqft location to a 20,000 sqft location

Name of FeeLowHigh
Partnership Fee$30,000$30,000
Real Estate and ImprovementsVariable
Soft Costs$8,000$265,000
Site Work$0$650,000
FF&E Signage and Technology$165,000$485,000
Initial Training$17,200$24,200
Opening Supplies$50,000$200,000
Utility Deposits$2,500$50,000
Business licenses$300$600
Additional Funds (3 months)$20,000$30,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL$422,000$2,797,800

How Crowdfunding Works

Most of the development costs will be funded by the use of crowdfunding. Large groups of investors will receive a portion of the revenue in the form of dividends. This is the investors compensation for aiding in financing the Healthy Boost location. The more each investor provides to fund the development costs, the higher their dividend payment will be. However, a small portion of their revenue will be distributed to the partnership to compensate them for their day-to-day operating decisions and sweat equity.

Sample Investment

Investment Scenario – This is an investment opportunity to purchase partial ownership in a super market. The value of the whole store is $1,200,000. Currently, the store brings in $438,148 of net profit per year. We are looking for a group of investors to purchase the store and own their own separate shares of it. Each investor will earn a profit in the form of a dividend payable each quarter of the year. The dividend payments will continue throughout the lifetime of the store. Below is a list of hypothetical investors who own shares in the grocery store,

*Ownership and dividends based on the scenario described above.


Royalties are payments to the parent company for use of their copyright trademark or patent. Essentially, they are the monthly fees associated with using the Healthy Boost name. Healthy Boost’s partnerships are required to pay a 6% royalty fee to the company. The fee is taken directly out of the net sales of each store. For example, if a store has $100,000 in monthly sales, the royalty fee will be $6,000. 6% is a very typical royalty fee as many large partners such as Dunkin Doughnuts, Dominos, and Cold Stone charge the same rate.

Advertisement Fee

The advertisement fee is a payment owed to the partner that helps to cover their marketing costs. Healthy Boost spends large sums of money to advertise their brand therefore, partnerships must pay a portion due to the benefits they receive from the marketing. The current advertisement fee is 2% of sales. This works the same as royalties, for example, if a store earns $100,000 in sales the advertisement fee will be $2,000.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is the most powerful component of the

Healthy Boost business plan. All of the efforts the company

makes to better its communities create strong brand loyalty. Practices such as crowdfunding,

healthy community initiatives, the Live Shopper program, and everyday low prices exemplify the

strong rooted care built into Healthy Boost’s business plan. Consumers recognize and appreciate

these efforts and return the favor with their loyalty.

Live Shopper Program

Partnership will receive an immediate income in their territory from the launch of our live shopper program where shoppers can shop at any of their local stores or order from Healthy Boost for next day delivery and exspirace our everyday low price


Additional Information

Healthy Boost has established a variety of deals with various grocery manufacturers to procure low prices for its products. Both Healthy Boost and their wholesalers share the initiative to keep prices low for consumers to benefit the community. The company’s wholesalers provide both high quality and low-cost products to all Healthy Boost locations. Healthy Boost has strong support from massive grocery manufacturers such as Pepsi, Kellogg’s, Perdue, Kraft, and many more.

  • General Manager
  • Cashiers
  • Meat cutters
  • Receiving clerks
  • Stock Clerks
  • A department manager for 1 or more departments
  • Maintenance
  • Grocery (canned & boxed non-refrigerated items: usually the biggest part of the store)
  • Frozen Foods
  • Meat
  • Seafood (sometimes combined with meat)
  • Produce (fresh vegetables and fruit)
  • Deli (can be just sliced meats and cheeses or a full-blown counter-service deli selling food to go)
  • Dairy (milk, eggs, yogurt)
  • Snacks
  • Baby
  • Health and Beauty (everything from vitamins to makeup)
  • House Hold
  • Mini Market / Supermarket 5000- 14,000 Square Feet Finding the right location for a new store is a process that takes careful consideration. Population, neighborhood demographics, visibility, the amount of traffic that goes by and local competition are all factors taken into consideration when we look for a new store location

Construction will be done by a Pre vetted local construction company following our master architectural plans

Crowdfunding will be promoted via:

Social media

Promotional booths staffed with informational ambassadors established at an array of locations surrounding the franchise

All campaigns or managed by the companies securities attorney to make sure we are in compliance with all states and municipalities regulations

If the the target development amount is not raised with in 2-3 months Healthy Boost accredited investors will supply the remaining balance required

Financing is available for qualified applicants, if you require financing you will have a chance to make a request on your application and you will be contacted by a financing officer