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This is an application to become an Outside Sales Representative which will be used to check your background and references

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A supporter of the Healthy Boost Bargain Barn Initiative and believe its something needed in our communities
Basic Qualification Requirements:
At least 21 years old U.S. citizen or permanent resident, a people person with a passion for sales

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I recognize that Health Boost, Inc., is not in any way obligated to Grant employment to ME because of MY execution of this document. I acknowledge that any false statement on this application shall be considered sufficient cause to deny any further consideration or cause revocation of any signed agreement with Health Boost, Inc. I understand that any inquiry regarding MY character, general reputation, personal characteristics and general fitness for being a Health Boost contractor may be made as a result of this application. In addition, by signing below I release any and all former and/or present employers, and any other personal or business references, from any liability whatsoever in connection with Health Boost's attempt to investigate MY background and determine MY fitness to become a Health Boost contractor. I understand that this application is considered active for 180 days from the date below. By submitting this application I agree that this information is correct and I give Health Boost, Inc., permission to obtain a Background Report for the individual listed on this application.

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