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This is an application is for general employment which will be used to check your background and credit worthiness in order to finance different opportunities offered to you

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A supporter of the Healthy Boost Bargain Barn Initiative and believe it's something needed in our communities.
Basic Qualification Requirements:
At least 21 years old U.S. citizen or permanent resident, a people person with a passion for sales

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NDA Agreement


As a member, user, and/or customer of OUR FINANCIAL HEALTH (“OFH”) and/or SHARED WEALTH NETWORK (“SWN”), and a supporter of their missions and purposes to improve the health and wealth of communities, I understand that: OFH and SWN (together and separately) present business and investment-related opportunities (“Opportunities” or “Opportunity” in the singular) to members, users, and customers that are not be visible or available to people outside these groups, and that the presentation thereof is a major benefit to me as a member, user, and/or customer; and Presentation of these Opportunities is integral to the business models and to the community-oriented missions of both OFH and SWN; and Confidentiality of all details about people and businesses involved with Opportunities offered through or with OFH and/or SWN is crucial to protect the financial, legal, and other interests of those people and businesses; and Access to these Opportunities is a form of valuable consideration to me; and Access to these Opportunities facilitates the financial improvement of communities, which is a process and benefit that relies on OFH and SWN being able to make money, and to provide opportunities for local investors and businesses. For the above-stated reasons, I AGREE THAT ANY ATTEMPTED CIRCUMVENTION OF OFH AND/OR SWN IN ACCESSING OR MAKING USE OF THESE OPPORTUNITIES WOULD CAUSE IRREPARABLE FINANCIAL, REPUTATIONAL, AND OTHER HARMS to OFH and/or SWN and their stakeholders, users, members, and customers.

I therefore agree as follows.

As a member, user, and/or customer of OUR FINANCIAL HEALTH and/or SHARED WEALTH NETWORK, and a supporter of their missions and purposes to improve the health and wealth of communities, I agree that, for the reasons stated above,:
1) I WILL NOT attempt to circumvent OFH or SWN with regard to any Opportunities that OFH and/or SWN presents to me; and
2) I WILL NOT copy, share, post or re-post, or otherwise distribute any information presented to me by OFH or SWN regarding Opportunities, or people and businesses involved with them, without express prior permission of OFH and/or SWN (whichever gave me the information) AND of any persons and/or businesses with which the information is concerned. Information to which this limitation applies includes any information that is not intentionally publicly visible on OFH and SWN’s websites/platforms to people not logged-in with a specific account to such websites/platforms; and
3) Until I have actually invested in, or otherwise formally become involved with, an Opportunity offered through or with OFH and/or SWN, I WILL NOT attempt to contact, outside of OFH and SWN’s websites, platforms, and personnel, any business or person regarding any such Opportunity, information about which is first presented to me by OFH and/or SWN, regardless of the form in which the information is presented, and regardless of where or when it is presented specifically; and
4) I WILL maintain the confidentiality of any information I receive related to Opportunities or people and/or businesses involved with them. Except as explained in the next item
5) and as required by law, and except with express prior permission of OFH and SWN and all people and businesses involved, I WILL NOT disclose such information to anyone else, including to people involved with the Opportunities who are unaware of such information, and including to other users, members, and customers of OFH and SWN.
Limited Right to Disclose Information for Consideration of Opportunities I may disclose information I receive via OFH and/or SWN about Opportunities, and about people and businesses involved with Opportunities, to legal, financial, tax, and business professionals and consultants I work with directly, and to my own family-members, co-owners, and employees, but only in connection with my consideration of Opportunities, and only to the extent necessary for such persons to help me consider such Opportunities. Agreement of Equivalent or Greater Protection Required with Recipients of Permitted Disclosures In any case in which I disclose information regarding Opportunities, or about people and businesses involved with them, for the purposes stated in the prior paragraph, I WILL assure that I have in force an agreement (“corollary agreement”) with the recipients of such information, prior to my disclosure of the information, that protects the confidentiality of such information at least as strongly as this agreement does. The existence of a corollary agreement (as referenced above) does not inherently eliminate or satisfy my obligation to assure that confidentiality is maintained overall. Further, non-permitted disclosures of any information will not be mitigated or defensible because of the existence of a corollary agreement.

No Partnership or Joint Venture
Nothing in this agreement shall be construed to create or modify any partnership or joint venture involving the parties or any of their associated entities or organizations.

Should any part of this agreement be found invalid, contrary to public policy, or otherwise unenforceable, the rest of the agreement shall not be affected thereby and shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect.

Governing Law
This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York.

Plural and Singular; Gender
Unless specifically stated otherwise, or otherwise required by context, any use of words in the singular, including conjugated verbs, shall be understood to include the plural, and the reverse. Any use of language in the feminine, including pronouns, shall include the masculine and the reverse, and any gendered language should be understood to include any non-gendered or gender non-standard individual.

Sections, Titles, and Headings
Sections, titles and headings are provided for convenience only and are not intended to affect or influence the interpretation of any operative language or terms of this agreement. All terms presented herein and hereby are part of this agreement regardless of their organization, division, or visual presentation.

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I AGREE TO THE ALL TERMS HEREIN PRESENTED HEREIN AND HEREBY, which I acknowledge and affirm constitute a legally-binding agreement.

I affirm that this agreement is supported by good and valuable consideration to all parties, including in the form of my access to this website, and of access to opportunities presented to me by OUR FINANCIAL HEALTH and SHARED WEALTH NETWORK.

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Thank you for Inquiring about an investment in a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn.