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This is an application is for general employment which will be used to check your background and credit worthiness in order to finance different opportunities offered to you

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A supporter of the Healthy Boost Bargain Barn Initiative and believe it's something needed in our communities.
Basic Qualification Requirements:
At least 21 years old U.S. citizen or permanent resident, a people person with a passion for sales

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NDA Agreement

Healthy Boost Inc. National HeadQuarters 276 5th avenue New York N.Y. 10001 Phone (800-420-6120)

I promise not to discuss or disclose to any third party that the businesses listed by Healthy Boost Inc. , may be for sale. I further agree not to disclose any facts learned about the business, to any third parties, including employees, customers, vendors, the owner of said business, the franchisor, landlords, other franchisees, or other prospective buyers, until authorized to do so.

I agree that the only individuals that I may disclose information to, are my officers, directors, employees, capital sources, affiliates, partners, accountant and attorney. I agree that I may do so only after notifying them of the confidential nature of the information being shared, and my legal requirements regarding this information. I take full responsibility for any breach of this agreement by me or by the individuals that I have disclosed this information to. (Note; having others agree to the terms of this agreement relieves you of your responsibility for their actions).

The information and/or records about this business obtained by me shall not be used for competitive use in any business, present or future. I understand that information disclosed to others could cause a loss of business, and/or create injury in employer-employee relationships. Should any legal action be taken against me as a result of breach of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to court costs and attorney fees as awarded by the courts.

HBI has furnished information about said business for sale or lease, as provided to HBI by the owner(s) of said businesses. The aforementioned and following information has not been verified by HBI or its agents, and they are not responsible for accuracy or omissions of information contained therein. It is my responsibility as prospective Buyer of said business to confirm all facts and figures with the owner(s) of said businesses.

It is agreed that HBI has introduced me to the places of business listed on their website, and is the first to disclose the information. I agree (unless I notify Healthy Boost Inc. Sales otherwise) that Healthy Boost Inc. Sales may update me either by phone, text, or email of new listings that may match my interest.

Thank You

Thank you for Inquiring about an investment in a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn.