Community Involvement

For far too long, the money spent in the inner-city communities does not circulate within those communities. We all need to eat but who owns our local supermarkets, are they owned by a community member? The answer to this question can make the difference between money circulating in a community or not. The odds are it’s not. We’re spending money but it’s not circulating or enriching our community in any way.

At Healthy Boost we ensure that the community will have ownership in Healthy Boost Bargain Barns established in them, the community will benefit from its success. This means money spent in your community would continue to remain in circulation within that community and enrich it.
Our nationwide co-operative will have enough buying power to compete with big box store prices, not to mention that the food manufacturers will want to be attached to supporting community initiatives. This leads to great wholesale pricing and we will pass those savings in prices onto the customers.

We will be giving a family in a community where our Healthy Boost Bargain Barn is set up a 1st-time homeowners down payment grant.
To qualify for the 1st time homeowners down payment grant
You Must be qualified for a 1st time homeowners’ loan

If you are qualified, we will put your name into a lottery along with your local community members, this lottery will be drawn at the grand opening of your local healthy boost bargain barn. You will be notified once we are coming to your community. Until we come to your community our consultants will still work with you to see what benefits we can get for you

Own Equity in a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn:

Equity refers to the ownership of an interest in a company and this interest owned is represented by securities or stock. People who own equity shares in a company are the investors, and the shares can be in the form of common stock or preferred stock. Equity ownership means Shareholders share ownership of the business with the original business owner. You can become a shareholder of healthy boost bargain barns and have Equity

To request a consultation about purchasing shares in a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn and to find out what locations for acquisitions are being considered in your community, please fill out our shareholder's application.
A Community Advocate
Make a great income promoting Healthy Boost Bargain Investments in your community. You will make an income from Bargain Barn acquisitions and mortgage programs; if the total commission of a bargain barn acquisition is 20,000 and you put in 40% of the investment amount, you would make 40% of the commission. You will be promoting Healthy Boost Bargain Barn Investments in communities throughout your region. To promote investments in a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn you have to be invested in a bargain barn yourself. This investment must be $2500 or more. You can also make a commission by helping community residents realize their dreams of becoming homeowners through the grants we will give to a family once a year. We are partners with several other grants and you will make a referral fee from the sale of any home.