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For far too long, the money spent in inner-city communities does not circulate within those communities. We all need to eat but does a community member own our local supermarkets? The answer to this question can make the difference between money circulating in a community or not. The odds are it’s not. We’re spending our money but it’s not circulating or enriching our community in any way.

At Healthy Boost Inc., we ensure that the community will have ownership of the Healthy Boost Bargain Barns, and that the community will benefit from its success. This means that money spent in your community will continue to remain in circulation within that community and enrich it. Our nationwide co-operative will have enough buying power to compete with big box store prices, not to mention that the food manufacturers will want to be a part of supporting community initiatives. This will lead to great wholesale pricing, and that savings in prices will be passed on to the customers.
Become A Community Sales Manager
Our Financial Health & Healthy Boost Is Bringing
Health & Wealth to Inner City Communities
We have launched a wonderful initiative geared toward bringing the family doctor back into our communities, developing neighborhood co-ops, and promoting financial literacy in urban communities. We organize community business ownership and create local economic opportunities.
We are looking to hire a Community Sales Manager to join our team!
About You:

We are looking for Community Sales Managers who share and believe in our vision, and who know how to lead through example, influence, and inspiration. This high-energy role within the wellness start-up space is best suited for someone who’s entrepreneurial, who is interested in becoming a business owner and partner within our group, and who is a self-starter with a passion for sales in an exciting paid-for-performance model.

Our business model depends on community investment, and on ownership and management by our stakeholders. We want to work with people who are trusted collaborators rather than only employees. Community Sales Managers are co-developers in their regions and in their local locations. As such, they are ideally business owners as well as business developers/leaders.

You will be an integral part of our mission by helping us to promote our products, increase access to health services, introduce new, affordable sources of healthy foods, and develop financial literacy among the underserved.

For this role, we need someone with the following characteristics:

Key Responsibilities:


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Own Equity in a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn:
Equity refers to the ownership of interest in a company, and this interest owned is represented by securities or stock. People who own equity shares in a company are the investors, and the shares can be in the form of common stock or preferred stock. Equity ownership means that shareholders share ownership of the business with the original business owners. You can become a shareholder in Healthy Boost Bargain Barns and own equity.
To request a consultation about purchasing shares in a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn and to find out what locations for acquisitions are being considered in your community, please fill out our shareholder's application.

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