Become a community advocate for
Healthy Boost Bargain Barn

Make a difference in your community while earning a healthy living. Promote Healthy Boost Bargain ownership in your community.

Community Benefits:

Access to affordable Natural and Organic Meats and produce


1st-time homeowner down payment grants, we intend to give an eligible community family’s a Home Down Payment Grant once a year

Community Co-operative Ownership, we will offer ownership shares to the residents of the community the Healthy Boost Bargain Barn is located in

Nutritional Education, each location will have a nutritional assistance desk with a licensed nutritionist answering questions and suggesting foods to assist with elements like diabetes and high blood pressure

We will inspire community customer loyalty because they if they shop at a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn in benefits their community

We will inspire grocery manufacturers to give us excellent wholesale rates because they will want the publicity of supporting our initiative

Your Benefits:

You will receive a commission from every Healthy Boost Bargain Barns in and around your community you are advocating in.  If the commission from the conversation of a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn is $20,000 and you bring in 40% on the investors you would make 40% of the commission. You will be promoting ownership in several different Bargain Barns in and around your community

You will also receive referral fees from our network of Real-estate brokers because of   our 1st-time homeowner’s community outreach initiative 

You will be put on payroll as our full time community advocate once you help to estab.

Qualifications to become an advocate