Community Involvement

We have several programs that benefit every community a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn is developed in


Partnership Program

Food industry managers with a good level of experience; we partner with you so you can be a partial owner as well as the full time manager

Investment Opportunities

Invest in a Healthy Boost Bargain Barn, receive great returns both financially and spiritually, knowing you’re helping to embetter communities.

Together Making Our
Communities Healthy

We are committed to being an organization that is for the people and built by the people, community involvement should not be a mere option for businesses it should be the law.

Our Supporters

Meet The Team

Our team is committed to making a difference and bettering the communities we are a part of. We take pride in our initiative and everyone who works with us or for us exudes this same commitment and passion

We Value Hearing From You And Will Respond To You As Soon As Possible